10 Reasons Why a BA Career Is Awesome (Pt 2)

10 Reasons Why a BA Career Is Awesome (Pt 2)

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Author: Mo’ Ekujumi, Director at SkillHat

We shared with you part 1 of ’10 reasons a BA career is awesome’. The first 4 reasons were; Impact, high income, anyone can become a BA & remote work. Read the first part article here

Here is Part 2 – 10 Reasons Why A BA Career Is Awesome

5. Demand & job growth

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for business analysts to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028 – much faster than the general occupation average. In today’s complex, global business environment, firms continually require the skills of BAs to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. As long as there is Business change, there will be a need for Business Analysts.

6. No two days are ever the same

If you prefer to have different streams of work & project types without a set routine, you will find fulfillment in a BA career. You will constantly be taking on different project types and tasks. On any given day you could be working on user surveys, data analysis, wireframe design, process maps, configuration, software testing or business case development. 

7. Work full time or contract

BAs can work in full time roles, or on temporary contracts. In a post COVID era where the business world is more reluctant to take risks, this flexibility is a significant privilege, and opportunity. Whether you prefer a permanent role, or you like to move from one role to another, executing projects, the BA career can give you either.

8. Stay at the forefront of innovation

Technology is advancing at the fastest rate in history, and BAs are responsible to facilitate the requirements and adoption of this innovation. In the right BA role, you would always be exposed to the newest trends in Business & Technology – a foundation for a resilient career.     

9. Work in any industry

A B.A can work in any industry, so long as they are willing to build their knowledge of that industry. In my 10 years as a B.A, I’ve thrived working in Insurance, Government, Healthcare & Education. Industry exposure increases future work prospects.

10. Work with different stakeholders

During Project delivery, B.As need to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are met. As such you will meet with interesting people in different roles. These people will be both technical, and non-technical. This exposure will enable you to learn about different business functions. It will also create an opportunity to improve your people skills.

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