What's in the report?

  • ✔The purpose behind SkillHat

  • ✔Impact from our first 7 months (Data & Facts)

  • ✔Steps required to transition successfully into Tech

  • ✔Insights we’ve learned and Trends we’ve discovered in employment and education

  • ✔Latest Innovation at SkillHat
Download SkillHat's Impact Report Here

In this report, we spotlight our life-transforming work and share key insights we have discovered in education and employment.

SkillHat is a global training institute that launches motivated professionals into dream careers in Tech.

Why we launch people to dream careers? 

Across the globe, people are experiencing unfair divisions including the racial wealth gap, immigrant under-employment, high tuition debt & lack of gender diversity in leadership positions. 

 SkillHat exists to reduce these gaps.