A launchpad for Career Growth

A launchpad for Career Growth

Transition with a dedicated Senior Professional by your side, from training, through to job success.

Why SkillHat?

We don’t believe that success leads to happiness. We believe the opposite – happiness leads to success. When we are happy doing the work we love, we will be successful.

Through immersive skills coaching, industry connection and career development, we empower you to find your place of happiness – work where you find autonomy, creativity, mastery and success.

Let’s Build the Future

SkillHat provides instructor-led, expert training to help motivated professionals attain dream careers. Our immersive, hands-on courses teach cutting-edge, high in demand, technical and strategic skills that create resilient careers.

Leverage our expert instructors’ decades of global experience to springboard your career. Pivot, transition and grow, with a mentor by your side.

Let’s Go Where You Want To Be

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