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Become Future-proof. Transform your career with no-code software development & AI skills. Apply for this scholarship program pioneering opportunities for women and black professionals.

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About this Bootcamp

Empowering Women and Black Professionals, this full-time program teaches software development without code through no-code tools like Bubble, with foundational AI integration.

Trainees will drive real-world projects at the SkillHat Accelerator, collaborating with cross-functional teams of Project Managers, Product Managers, Designers, and Founders to launch impactful apps.

The program is held remotely and split into 2 parts.

A. Bootcamp training (2 months)
B. Project work with a Tech Startup (2 months)

At the completion of this 4-month program, accomplished participants will possess the skills to excel as high-income earning no-code developers or embark on their journey as freelance entrepreneurs.

SkillHat's Pledge

A $1M Scholarship Focused on Training 400 Women & Black Professionals in A.I & No-Code Software Development

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SkillHat’s scholarship initiative aims to increase diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry by providing opportunities for underrepresented groups to excel in high-growth sectors.

The need for such initiatives is clear, as women represent only 25% of tech workers globally, while Black professionals represent only 2-7% of the tech workforce in Canada and the USA.

 SkillHat is committed to driving diversity, inclusivity, and innovation in the tech industry, and the “EmpowerAI” scholarship is just one way they are working to achieve this goal.

Scholarship Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the tuition scholarship, applicants must…

Application process

Bootcamp Objectives

What you'll gain

Real time projects
Our live projects provide you with the opportunity to showcase your skills, enrich and demonstrate your ability to solve problems
Career Coaching
Acquire the guidance, support, and advice you need to excel in your career by engaging with seasoned industry professionals
AI Technology
Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for idea brainstorming, designing, and engineering
Interactive session
Our live classes provide a platform for you to interact and seek clarification from instructors
SkillHat Community
Join a tech community that allows you to develop skills in areas you're enthusiastic about.
Receive Certification
Earn a certification validating your skills and program accomplishments upon completing the bootcamp.

Bootcamp Schedule

Week 1

Introduction To Web Design
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST) 


Week 2

Introduction To Bubble
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST) 


Week 3

Responsive UI Development Using Bubble
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST) 


Week 4

 Frontend Workflows In Bubble
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST)

Week 5

Bubble Database Systems
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST)


Week 6

CRUD App Development Using Bubble
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST) 


Week 7

Dashboard Development Using Bubble
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST) 


Week 8

Bubble API Connector
Mon – Fri (2 pm – 4 pm EST) 

 Week 9
Join a Product team, pick a new product idea, and begin Engineering Research


 Week 10 
Define your user problem


 Week 11 
Ideate a solution


 Week 12
Prototype solution


 Week 13
Launch a landing page


 Week 14 – Week 16 
Iterate on your product in scrum sprints


 Week 17
Demo Day – Demo your product to judges & investors. Earn the winning prize.


Pricing for our A.I & No-Code Software Development

Upon acceptance into the program, a refundable commitment fee of $150 CAD is required – to incentivize dedication. Upon successful completion, $100 will be refunded to learners. $50 will be withheld as an admission processing fee.

Tools You'll Learn

A.I & No-Code Software Development Tools

Here are some of the tools you will be mastering during this boot camp

A bubble logo is shown in black and blue.
ChatGPT logo

Frequently Asked Questions

AI & No-Code Software Development Bootcamp is set up to teach learners how to build software without writing code, using no-code technologies like Bubble. It also instills the basics of AI integration. Trainees will be trained to integrate their apps with Chat GPT, and other AI APIs

The boot camp will span 4 Months, split into two parts 
A. Bootcamp training
B. Project work with a Tech Startup

Women and Black Professionals who seek to build their careers in design, web development, and software development are qualified  apply for the Empower AI Scholarship.

Certainly, You can join the bootcamp program, however, the scholarship program won’t be available to you. 

Once you fulfill the application criteria, click the “apply” button on our website to initiate your application. After that, await communication regarding your scholarship shortlisting.

Individuals who can benefit from enrolling in an AI and no-code Software Development Bootcamp include:

Aspiring Developers, Business Professionals, Creatives, Career Changers, Non-Technical Experts, Underrepresented Groups, Freelancers, Tech Enthusiasts, Problem Solvers 

Our instructor-led live classes are conducted online. For participants outside North America, please take note of the the time zone differences.

“SkillHat will continue to build the future of talent in no-code software development & AI. Too many people are unaware of the life-changing possibilities that new technology has created for motivated & creative professionals.

We recognize the vital importance of diversity in driving innovation, and through the ‘EmpowerAI’ scholarship, we aim to provide a platform for women and Black professionals to realize their potential and contribute significantly to the future of technology.


-Mo Ekujimi
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Mo Ekujimi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SkillHat

SkillHat provides instructor-led, expert training to help motivated professionals attain dream careers.

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