Project Management or Business Analysis. Where Am I Better Suited?

Project Management or Business Analysis. Where Am I Better Suited?

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Aspiring change managers may find it difficult to draw a clear line between Project Management (PM) and Business Analysis (BA). Both roles are complementary, but distinct in their purpose and responsibilities. If you like project work and business improvement, but you’re unsure what role you would be best suited for long-term, this upcoming webinar will help you clearly identify where to go.

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In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Difference between Project Management & Business Analysis
  • How the Project Manager & Business Analyst work together
  • Pathways to getting into either role
  • Salary expectations for each role
  • Personality traits better suited for each role

Facilitator – Mo’ Ekujumi, PMP CSM

Mo’ Ekujumi is a highly skilled executive, with over 10 years of experience as a Project Manager & Business Analyst. Leading teams at City of Toronto, Mastercard, Andela, Marsh & SkillHat, he manages high-performing teams leading mission critical product development. He is a Director at SkillHat – where he leads the development & delivery of immersive courses, teaching high in-demand technical, strategic & leadership skills.

In this webinar, Mo’ will be sharing his experience within Project Management & Business Analysis capacities, discussing the non-obvious nuances of each role, backed with data from industry reports and forecasts.

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