SkillHat & HiredHippo partner to help professionals land jobs with top startups.

 SkillHat & HiredHippo partner to help professionals land jobs with top startups.

SkillHat launches motivated professionals into dream careers in Tech. In 2021, our students landed dream jobs as Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and Product Owners. We focus on roles that do not require coding.

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In today’s job market, there’s a massive shortage of tech talent. There’s also a growing demand for high paying, remote tech jobs, however many lack the skills. 

In addition, long stemming systemic issues including the racial wealth gap, gender inequality, immigrant under-employment and high tuition debt still pose challenges to be solved. 

There is clearly an opportunity to innovate within talent development & recruitment. SkillHat & HiredHippo solve these challenges, and have partnered to create a holistic platform to help professionals land jobs with top startups in USA & Canada.

SkillHat provides expert training, coaching & community to help professionals pivot into tech careers in UX Design, Business Analysis, Scrum & Product Management. SkillHat focuses on the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous & People of Colour), women, immigrants and recent grads.

HiredHippo is a hiring marketplace where professionals are matched instantly with jobs they love, and where companies can get instant access to top talent that’s vetted and aligned to the job opening.

Through this partnership, candidates on HiredHippo will get access to SkillHat programs, to up-skill, join a community and receive personalized coaching.

SkillHat alumni upon graduation, will be onboarded to HiredHippo, to get matched with the jobs for them. Each job presented is tailored to the candidate’s experience and offers the easiest way to apply – similar to a bumble or tinder but for jobs in the tech industry. 

What HiredHippo offers job seekers:

  1. One-click apply. No more writing and rewriting resumes and cover letters. 
  2. Vetted companies. Every employer on the platform is carefully selected and pre-approved 
  3. Curated matches. Candidates only see jobs aligned with what they’re looking for, including salary, work environment, commute time, and more. 
  4. Direct access to hiring managers.
  5. A guaranteed response from employers. No more getting ghosted!

What SkillHat offers job seekers:

  1. Fun, immersive hands-on technical training, within a cohort based group class
  2. Cross-functional team work, to build a product portfolio
  3. Community networking events (virtual & in-person)
  4. Personalized career coaching (resume review & interview prep)
  5. Job success support within the role 

How to get started:

If you’re looking to learn UX Design, Business Analysis, Scrum or Product Management, click here to get started with SkillHat.

If you’re a SkillHat Alum, click here to get started on HiredHippo. 

Happy Hunting!

SkillHat X HiredHippo

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