Black Canadians and new immigrants can now apply for a $10,000 scholarship to learn Web Development & Product Design (UI/UX) Skills

Black Canadians and new immigrants can now apply for a $10,000 scholarship to learn Web Development & Product Design (UI/UX) Skills

In a groundbreaking partnership, the DTTP (Diverse Talent Training Program) launches a new initiative to train and empower 300 Black professionals, and new Canadian immigrants in the dynamic fields of Web development and Product Design (UI/UX).

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Toronto, Canada – Nov 8, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, the Diverse Talent Training Program (DTTP) is proud to announce a new initiative offering a $10,000 scholarship for Black Canadians and new immigrants to delve into the realms of Web Development and Product Design (UI/UX).

This transformative initiative is set to empower 300 Black professionals and new Canadian immigrants, addressing the underrepresentation of these groups in the dynamic fields of Web development and Product Design (UI/UX). The program aims not only to close the skills gap but also to diversify the Canadian tech workforce, unlocking substantial economic opportunities for participants.

Apply to the Web Development Scholarship

Apply to the Product Design (UI/UX) Scholarship

Addressing Key Issues:

According to Mo’ Ekujumi, Founder & CEO at SkillHat, the initiative aims to tackle two crucial problems: increasing coding and design proficiency and reducing the Black wage gap. Contrary to the misconception that coding is widespread, only ~0.5% of the world is proficient in it. A study by the Brookfield Institute reveals that Black tech workers not only face underrepresentation but are also the lowest paid in the industry.


Why Inclusion Matters:

Apart from the proven benefits of diversity, it also makes economic sense. McKinsey reports show that U.S. companies with higher racial diversity are 35% more likely to have higher financial returns. The initiative addresses the potential loss of over $350 billion in tech job wages for Black households by 2030, as highlighted by the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility.

This innovative program is poised to revolutionize the tech landscape by fostering diversity and inclusivity, tackling workforce challenges.


Key Program Dates:

  • Application Start: November 9, 2023
  • Application Deadline: December 5, 2023
  • Program Commencement: January 8, 2024


Why Apply?

This is more than just a scholarship; it’s a life-changing opportunity! Joining the DTTP and SkillHat initiative means being empowered to create cutting-edge websites and apps, equipped with skills in crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces, and becoming part of a vibrant, diverse professional community.


Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Government-Backed Scholarship: Access world-class training without financial barriers.
  • Employer Matching: DTTP and SkillHat will match you with employers who value your newly acquired skills.
  • Mentorship: Gain insights and guidance from seasoned professionals committed to your success.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in real-world projects to set yourself apart in the job market.


Your Future in Tech Begins Here:

Don’t miss your chance! Apply on November 9th, 2023, and kickstart your journey toward a successful career in Web development and UI/UX design.

Join us on this exciting journey to reshape the tech industry and unlock your full potential. Apply on November 9th, 2023, and let’s build a brighter, more inclusive future together!

Apply to the Web Development Scholarship

Apply to the Product Design (UI/UX) Scholarship

About DTTP:

The Diverse Tech Talent Program (DTTP) is a fully funded scholarship delivered by EdTech partners including World Innovation League, Atila, Co.Lab, SkillHat, and Riipen.DTTP aims to create tech career pathways for Black Canadians and new immigrants aged 18-35. DTTP’s mission is to bridge the diversity gap by providing essential skills, mentorship, and job placement in high-demand roles such as Product Management, Software Development and Product Design.

About SkillHat:

SkillHat is a pioneer in training and staffing professionals in emerging technologies, with a strong emphasis on diversity and excellence.

Media Contact:

Goodness Nwachukwu


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