SkillHat’s Milestone Pledge: $1M Scholarship to Train 400 Women & Black Professionals in A.I & No-Code Software Development

SkillHat’s Milestone Pledge: $1M Scholarship to Train 400 Women & Black Professionals in A.I & No-Code Software Development

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SkillHat launches $1M scholarship fund to train 400 women & black professionals in Artificial Intelligence & No-code software Development.

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Toronto, Canada. Aug 8th 2023


SkillHat, a visionary leader in online education, proudly announces an important commitment in celebration of its upcoming anniversary: a groundbreaking $1 million scholarship fund aimed at empowering and training 400 women and Black professionals in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and no-code software development.


Program start date: Sep 11th 2023

Applications open: Aug 10th 2023


Join the waitlist here to be the first to know when applications open.

The scholarship initiative focuses on two cutting-edge domains that are reshaping the technological landscape. With AI at the forefront of innovation and no-code software development democratizing access to tech skills, SkillHat’s program aims to equip women and Black professionals with the knowledge and tools to thrive in these transformative fields.


Women & Black professionals are under-represented in tech. Women represent only 25% of the tech workers globally, while black professionals represent 2 – 7% of the tech work force in Canada and USA respectively.


As SkillHat approaches this significant milestone, the organization reaffirms its dedication to driving diversity, inclusivity, and innovation in the tech industry. The “EmpowerAI” scholarship stands as a testament to SkillHat’s unwavering mission to create opportunities and pathways for underrepresented individuals to excel in high-growth sectors.


The education program is a 4 month full-time instructor-led bootcamp, held remotely. The program will be split into 2 parts.


A. Bootcamp training
B. Project work with a Tech Startup


The bootcamp delivered in collaboration with long-term SkillHat partner Dev & Design will teach learners how to build software without writing code, using no-code technologies like Bubble. It also instills the basics of AI integration. Trainees will be trained to integrate their apps with Chat GPT, and other A.I APIs. 


Trainees will deliver real world projects in the SkillHat Accelerator. They will be matched with a cross-functional product team of PMs, designers and Founders to launch an app solving a real-world problem.

At the end of the 4 month program, successful participants will be equipped to earn a high income as software developers, or start freelance businesses. Beneficiaries of this scholarship are required to legally reside in USA or Canada.



SkillHat provides a job guarantee for this program, facilitating post-program success through agency staffing services, career coaching, community and mentorship.


SkillHat will continue to build the future of talent in no-code software development & AI. Too many people are unaware of the life-changing possibilities that new technology has created for motivated & creative professionals,”Mo’ Ekujumi, Founder and CEO of SkillHat. 


“We recognize the vital importance of diversity in driving innovation, and through the ‘EmpowerAI’ scholarship, we aim to create opportunities and pathways for underrepresented individuals to excel in high-growth sectors.”


SkillHat invites collaboration and support from industry leaders, and partners who share the vision of a more diverse and inclusive tech landscape. Willing sponsors, and partners with access to the target group are encouraged to connect.


By joining hands with SkillHat, stakeholders can play an active role in fostering talent, innovation, and sustainable progress.


Apply Now:

Join the waitlist here to be the first to know when applications open.


To be a donor to SkillHat’s “EmpowerAI” scholarship initiative and the organization’s dedication to empowering women and Black professionals in AI and no-code software development, please contact SkillHat’s Marketing & Communications Lead at

About SkillHat:

SkillHat is a trailblazing training & staffing platform committed to delivering cutting-edge training in emerging technologies. With a focus on diversity and excellence, SkillHat trains motivated professionals in tech skills and places them in strategic roles at innovative companies.


Media Contact:

Goodness Nwachukwu



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