SkillHat Launches 9-Week Founder Accelerator to Ignite Startup Dreams

SkillHat Launches 9-Week Founder Accelerator to Ignite Startup Dreams

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Toronto, Canada, 2nd August 2023 – SkillHat, an award-winning global edtech firm, has launched its innovative 9-Week Founder Accelerator program, designed to transform startup dreams into reality.

 The SkillHat Founder Accelerator is a 9-week immersive program that provides Entrepreneurs with high quality tech talent & coaching necessary to navigate the challenging startup journey from ideation to launch.

Current state: Traditional Entrepreneur support programs provide coaching & mentorship, but no product team to support non-technical Founders. Software outsourcing services provide developers without any Founder advisory. 


Solution: SkillHat Founder Accelerator provides both an engineering team from the SkillHat alumni pool, and expert Founder coaching from Entrepreneurs In Residence.


The engineering team will include a software developer, product designer, product manager, and other alumni from SkillHat Tech bootcamps. By overcoming the pain points of limited resources, lack of a team, and uncertainty, participants can rapidly launch market ready web & mobile apps in a short time.

Key Program Features


Gain valuable customer insights, understand target audiences, and validate business ideas to build a strong foundation for success.


Founders receive user feedback, refine their ideas, and discover what truly resonates with their target market.


Expert product teams will develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) using modern UI/UX design and quality testing to ensure market readiness.


Present to investors on demo day, raise capital, execute go-to-market strategies, acquire users and revenue.

SkillHat’s Founder Accelerator has garnered praise from successful founders who have achieved remarkable milestones in their entrepreneurial journeys. Ayodele Pompey, CEO at SmartTem, shares his experience:

 “If you’re an individual founder with great ideas, and you are serious about starting a company, you should join this 9-week program to build your MVP. You’ll find potential co-founders and early talent in the process.”


Connect and Apply Now:

For more information about SkillHat’s 9-Week Founder Accelerator program and to apply, visit

About SkillHat:

SkillHat is a diverse talent incubator training motivated professionals in tech skills, and placing them in strategic roles at innovative companies. Startups & Enterprise leverage our constantly growing pipeline of alumni to proactively hire, ramp up project teams, and align with DE&I initiatives.



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Launch Your Startup in 9 weeks!

Get high quality tech talent & coaching necessary to navigate the challenging startup journey from ideation to launch.

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